Northern Virginia Irrigation Systems

Why do you need an irrigation system, and what can it do for your lawn and landscape?

An irrigation system efficiently and effectively preserves your investment in plant materials and turf, saving you hours out of your week by eliminating the need to water by hand.  After owning an irrigation system, most homeowners cannot imagine doing without one.

One of the benefits of having an irrigation system is the ability to regulate the amount of water your plants and turf receive which promotes a healthy deep root system and requires less water.

At Geoscape, Inc., we make sure the irrigation design will accommodate your plants as they mature. We also offer designs that include moisture and rain sensors, as well as rain water harvesting systems.

Our irrigation system services include:

  • Installation of new irrigation systems
  • Irrigation system reconfiguration and expansion
  • Rain water harvesting systems

Having the right grading and drainage systems around your property can prevent water from getting into your home as well as allowing water to drain off properly.

We take grading and drainage into full consideration on each and every project we build. Our experts can solve your drainage problems by providing the correct  drainage around your home, controlling run-off from your neighbor’s property and fixing any existing wet areas on your property.

Let Geoscape, Inc. solve your water problems and give you piece of mind when the rain starts falling.

Our grading and drainage services include:

  • Downspout drainage systems
  • French drains
  • Grading and swales

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